Housing Law

We help tenants and co-op members with legal problems that affect their housing.

Even if you don’t qualify for our services financially, we can still give you legal advice on your tenancy issue.

If you come to see us about a housing problem, make sure that you bring any relevant information such as:

  • Lease/rental agreement(s)
  • Rent receipts
  • Notices from the landlord
  • Letters or printed emails/text messages between you and your landlord
  • Photographs
  • Applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board

We also offer tenant duty counsel services at Landlord Tenant Board hearings.  If you see us there and wish to have some advice please sign up for our services.

We are not funded to assist landlords. If you are a landlord, please contact the Landlord Self-Help Centre for help.

The Steps to Justice website offers step-by-step information about housing and other common legal problems.