Canada Pension Plan (CPP) – Old Age Security

Canada Pension Plan – Disability

Most of our CPP casework involves assisting with appeals of the denial of CPP Disability benefits.

We do not help with CPP applications (many other community agencies will help you fill out the forms) but we do help with appeals when benefits are denied, or problems once you are receiving CPP.

Please call for an appointment when you receive a denial of benefits decision or any other decision affecting your CPP benefits that you do not agree with.  There are deadlines to meet that must not be missed.

Even if you do not financially qualify for our services we can provide you with advice on the issues and the process in an appeal to the Social Security Tribunal.

Canada Pension Plan Retirement & Old Age Security

If you have questions or concerns with your Canada Pension Plan (Retirement) or Old Age Security Benefits/Guaranteed Income Supplement please call for an appointment.

The Steps to Justice website offers step-by-step information about CPP and other common legal problems.